Autonomous Drone
Collision Avoidance System

Autonomously sense obstacles and avoid collisions during drone missions using optimal sensors and intelligent software. FlytCAS is compatible with all major drone platforms.

What is FlytCAS?

FlytCAS is an intelligent software solution that enables collision avoidance on commercial drones. The ability to sense objects in real-time and avoid imminent collisions is key to autonomous drone operations in complex environments. Drone obstacle avoidance is highly contextual – and hence requires intelligent algorithms and well-designed workflows implemented in robust software that augments best-in-class sensor hardware. With these capabilities tested on multiple outdoor use-cases, the FlytCAS solution can be deployed on DJI, PX4, Ardupilot and other drone platforms. Walls, equipment, trees, utility towers, fences and nearly any such stationary object can be detected in time to prevent damage to property, infrastructure and assets as well as drones themselves.

Fully Autonomous

Automatically sense obstacles & avoid collisions – hover in place, RTH, or abort the mission.


Reliably avoid collisions during manual as well as waypoint-wise autonomous flights.

Intelligent Sensing

Sophisticated algorithms to enable a variety of object sensors eg. IR, LiDAR, Sonar, etc.


Choose the optimal mix of object sensors. Design a sense-and-avoid workflow for your specific use-case.

How Does it Work?

FlytCAS Solution Drone

FlytCAS provides object sensing and collision avoiding capabilities by fusing data from multiple sensors and using intelligent software to decide, in real-time, the appropriate course of action when a collision is imminent. Depending on the application context, data from LiDAR, IR, ToF and/or Sonar sensors may be fused with vision data from RGB/thermal/stereo cameras. This data is digitally filtered and computationally analyzed to automatically detect objects – quickly, accurately and reliably. The software controller then precisely commands the drone to automatically hover/loiter, return to a base location or abort-and-land in place. Forward sensing can be deployed to begin with, and quickly matured to include backwards and downwards sensing.

Salient Features

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent software, designed as plugins + APIs, for automation & scale.

Optimal Sensing

Algorithms that work with a variety of best-in-class sensing techniques.

Easy Installation

Integrate with custom & off-the-shelf drones, including DJI, Ardupilot & PX4.

High Reliability

Get the drone to consistently sense objects & take avoidance measures.

Outdoor, Stationary

Start by avoiding stationary, outdoor objects – mature to more complex scenarios.

Fail Safe Modes

Trigger fail safe actions depending on imminence & severity of collision.

Multiple Modes

Provides automated collision avoidance in both manual & autonomous missions.

Night & Low-light

Avoid collisions with stationary objects at night or in low-light conditions.

GCS Integration

Integrate with FlytGCS Enterprise for remote control and real-time updates.

Cloud Control

Configure and manage the UAV collision avoidance system using a cloud dashboard.

Precision Hover Mode

Hover at required distance from the object, then decide course of action.

Custom Workflow

Design a workflow suited to your UAV, use-case & operating conditions.

Supported Sensors

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FlytCAS can be deployed not only for Pixhawk & Ardupilot drone object avoidance, but also for Mavic, Mavic 2 (including Pro, Zoom, & Enterprise verients), Phantom series, Matrice (including M100, M200, M600) and all other DJI drone collision avoidance.

Integrate Drone Collision Avoidance System with FlytGCS Enterprise

FlytGCS is a cloud-based solution that enables remote drone fleet operations. Contact us to integrate your quadcopter collision avoidance requirements with FlytGCS or any other FlytBase solutions. You may try FlytGCS for free.

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