The key to success is the use of reliable, affordable, fully autonomous drones. In fact, by using image recognition, the FlytBase’s solution obviates the need for bar-code and RFID scanners, thus improving the cost-effectiveness and scalability of warehouse drone programs.

Will StavanjaFounder of Wilstair, LLC

FIRST iZ is helping 911 dispatchers to deploy autonomous drones for first response. This is made possible by FlytBase given their technology expertise, ground control software and drone automation capabilities.

Phil BurksCEO, Phirst Technologies

FlytBase is readily open to working with partners and create automation for our partners. FlytBase is helping us with precision landing, fruit & flower counting and automating our drone operations

Darren RajFounder, AgriBugs, USA

Very skilled team. Partnership with FlytBase gives us the development speed we need.

Sebastian WallmanFormer CEO, FlyPulse, Sweden

Impressively mature and fully-featured software; well documented.

Chris AndersonCEO, 3D Robotics, USA

Extensive APIs allowed us to quickly build a drone GCS app. I strongly recommend FlytBase.

Ryan CantCEO, EnviroDrone, Canada

Agriculture | Precision Landing | Fruit Counting

Learn how FlytBase enabled Agribugs to develop high-level drone applications for agricultural surveys using various intelligent modules available with FlytOS.

Delivery | Public Safety | Fleet Management

Learn how FlytBase enabled FlytPulse to manage and operate a large fleet of life-saving drones equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Animal Detection & Counting | Artificial Intelligence

Learn how FlytBase solved the problem of counting desert roaming antelopes called Arabian Oryx through drone images by building an R-CNN based object detection pipeline.

Search & Rescue | AI | Object Detection

A team of students from Florida State University (FSU) built a search and rescue drone using FlytBase.

Workflow Integration | Cloud Connectivity| AI

Showcasing end-to-end enterprise workflows involving fleets of drones controlled over Cisco’s wireless and FlytBase’s cloud infrastructure.

Emergency Response | Fleet Management | AI

Team VASHR winner of the FlytBase challenge at Xbuild Hackathon 2018 built an autonomous multi-drone system to save lives around coastal areas during an emergency situation.

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