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Deploy and manage a network of automated drones for Delivery


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Real-time Access & Control

With cloud connectivity over 4G/LTE gain real-time flight data and control, from a remote location.

Intelligent Flight Planning

Equip drones to automatically carve paths taking in consideration no-fly zones, elevation and obstacle avoidance.

Manage Drone Fleet

Manage and operate your whole delivery fleet in real-time using a single web-based dashboard.

Precise Landing & Delivery

Deploy tags on the landing sites to precisely hover or land for package delivery. Trigger drone actions based on the sites.

Drawbacks of Single Drone Operations

Traditionally, road transport has been the backbone of the logistics business, and it still holds true. But as urban settlements are getting more congested and it is already hard to reach remote areas with no road infrastructure, the drawbacks of traditional methods are becoming more obvious.

In a revolutionary step, the delivery industry is only just beginning to use drones to solve these issues. More so than commercial deliveries, the use of drones is prevalent for emergency and remote deliveries, which pertain mostly to medical supplies and make use of only one drone per flight/mission, which is not a scalable and ROI effective delivery operation.

Inefficient Operations

All drone operations are limited by flight time, which is specific for each drone. Drone delivery operations specifically demand for higher flight time in total, and as such using only one drone for large scale commercial delivery operations, results in an overall loss of time.

Manual Planning

Although fly routes are essentially a straight line and drones can fly autonomously, an operator does have to consider, no fly zones and elevation when planning a fly route for drone delivery. Manually planning such routes for each delivery is simply counterintuitive.

Errors in Delivery

Precision landing/hover is a present day problem, faced by many drones operations. In the drone delivery business, it is a key part of the solution. Thus drone delivery in congested housing areas is not conceivable without a precision system in place, often resulting in errors.

Relatively Bad ROI

Making emergency and single deliveries might be feasible with a single drone on one full charge. On the other hand, large scale commercial deliveries, when executed with a single drone and manual operations, will simply result in a logistical disaster.

Efficient Deliveries via a Fleet of Automated Drones

Commercial delivery operations demand a lot of manpower, and when you shift from traditional methods to using drones, you need the same kind of ‘drone-power’, to scale operations to the same level and even further, in pursuit of a better ROI. Getting all the hardware is comparatively easy, but it requires an integrated software solution to make it all work autonomously, in sync, and that is exactly what we aim to provide.

Quicker Efficient Deliveries

With a fleet of drones, you get the much needed total flight time for making a large number of deliveries in a short duration. With the process automated, you can have a few drones docked for charging and the rest in operation, thus working in rotation.

Automated Mission Planning

An end to end software solution comes into play here, with automated fleet management and path planning. The drones will themselves, identify no-fly zones and elevation in real-time, just drop the package in the carriage and you won’t have to worry.

Easy & Accurate Deliveries

Drones have had a persistent issue, with GPS not being accurate enough to make a precise landing or hover over a certain area, and drop packages accurately. With our precision landing/hover solution, this is now possible and applicable to deploy and execute deliveries via automated drones.

Exponentially Increased ROI

Investment will always be high in the drone business, but once it is executed properly, with a fleet of automated drones, the returns will always be fruitful. You will be able to execute large scale delivery operations without an extensive need of manpower and human intervention.

Automate your delivery operations by using a fleet of drones and achieve the required ROI

Customized White-label Solution

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Remote Drone Operations Simplified

Overseeing and controlling drone operations from a remote location has never been easier. FlytNow is a cloud-based turnkey solution, enabling deployment in a few clicks, allowing you to manage everything, on a single web-based dashboard, for a seamless experience.

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