FlytBase Nurture Program

Preparing for a career in research?

Do research projects with FlytBase before higher studies.

Nurture Program

FlytBase Nurture is a 1-2 year long research program designed for young graduates preparing for a career in research. It offers research opportunities to the bright minds looking to work on deep-tech projects, before applying for Masters or Ph.D. university programs.

Nurture program acts as a platform to enhance your research profile, opens up better higher education opportunities, and provides a solid foundation to excel in your technical career. Here is your chance to work with one of the best aerial robotics automation R&D Lab in the world. Apply Now!

Full-time research role position of 1-2 year duration.
Advance research work in aerial robotics.
One-to-one mentoring from FlytBase experts.
Letter of Recommendation from FlytBase.

Why Join FlytBase Nurture?

At FlytBase, we are working towards making the drones intelligent and connected, to solve the real-world problems. We are lead by a team of experts in drones, robotics, computer science and AI/ML technologies, and are a global leader in drone automation. Our team of Flyters comprises of graduates and post-graduates from premier institutes of the world. Working at FlytBase means working with best minds in the business.

Areas of Research

FlytBase believes in pushing the boundaries of the knowledge and building scalable aerial robotics technology to solve the biggest challenges in the world. The core technology platform and developer tools enable researchers to focus and work on the next-gen applications in the field of AI/ML, Computer Vision, SLAM, Control Systems, Web, Mobile, User experience and much more.


Nurture Program Graduates

Find out what Nurture Program Graduates are doing today.

Selection Process

Our interview process is geared to identify & select people with a hacker’s mindset who can not only help build a superior tech platform but also be a perfect fit for our company culture.

Submit Resume and SOP

Prepare and submit a SOP along with your resume.

Online Assessment

Shortlisted candidates receive a link to appear for an online assessment.

Technical Interview

Team takes an online interview to gauge technical skills.

Cultural Fit Interview

Team takes an online interview to evaluate cultural fit.

Become a Drone Astronaut!

Join us on our ambitious journey to help businesses scale commercial drone operations through automation and connectivity.
Do cutting-edge research work.

Become a Flyter!

Join us on our ambitious journey to help businesses scale commercial drone operations through automation and connectivity.
Following full-time positions are currently open at FlytBase Labs, Pune, India.

Don’t see an opportunity that matches your skills?
We are always on the lookout for like minded individual sharing our passion for autonomous drones. Write to us with your updated profile and a cover letter at