World’s Smartest Precision Landing Solution

Autonomously land or hover drone over a visual target for delivery, docking station, warehouse or asset inspection

Vision Based

Sophisticated computer vision and landing algorithms to detect and approach the landing site

Reduced Infrastructure

Eliminates the need of any external sensors. Just requires an onboard CC and camera

Fully Autonomous

System can land itself, reattempt landing if lost tag, or trigger fail-safe based on external conditions


API endpoints and edge management through cloud with multiple site detection and custom tag assignment

See FlytDock in Action

FlytDock is world’s smartest precision target landing solution. Powered by FlytOS, this intelligent plugin utilizes computer vision techniques and dedicated landing algorithms to precisely align, approach and land the multirotor on the ArTag on ground.


Our drones used to land inaccurately in the crop fields, on the unstable and wet soil. FlytDock helped us land it accurately on the back of our truck.

Darren RajFounder & CEO - Agribugs

With the combined FlytBase precision landing technology and our new AirBox Kits, any drone can now deliver to AirBox Home. This new innovation will create a drone agnostic platform for last-mile secure package deliveries.

Brandon PargoeCo-Founder - Drone Delivery Systems

Solution Workflow

FlytDock plugin allows for autonomous landing of a drone on a visual marker. It is an onboard module which uses a downward looking monocular camera to detect fiducial markers. These markers (ArUco tags) can be printed and used as landing sites. Pose is estimated using the tag size and calibrated camera information. No other equipment such as lidar or rangefinder is required, as the altitude and location for landing site are found just using the pose estimation of the markers. The onboard controller precisely maneuvers the drone to the desired landing site using FlytAPIs. A web app utility is provided for configuration and monitoring over local network or cloud.

Use Cases


Deploy tags on the landing sites to precisely hover or land for package delivery. Trigger drone actions based on the sites.

Docking Station

Accurately land the drone on the docking platform, charging station, back of your truck or any elevated platform.

Warehouse Management

Autonomously navigate through warehouse aisle to scan or monitor packages in a GPS-denied environment.


Precisely align the drone to the structures that need regular inspection and monitoring without manual intervention.


Visual Position Estimation

Estimating translation and orientation with respect to a visual marker

Minimal Hardware

Just requires an onboard CC, camera and ArTag on ground

Easy Installation

Plug & Play with all commercial drones, based on DJI, Ardupilot or PX4

High Accuracy

Get precise landing within an error bound of 15cms

Indoor Landing

Can be configured for use in indoor (GPS denied) environments

Fail Safe Modes

Trigger fail safe actions in scenarios like heavy winds or missing tag

Spline Trajectory

Traces a spline trajectory for smooth and precise approach to the tag

Night landing

Light up the ground marker to enable landing in night time

GCS Integration

Integrate with ground station for better control and real-time updates

Cloud Control

Configure and manage the system using a cloud dashboard

Precision Hover Mode

Hover at required distance from the tag for delivery or inspection

Custom ArTags

Use ArUco marker designs, size, and position based on your requirement

Supported Platforms

FlytDock is compatible with all major platforms such as DJI, Ardupilot and PX4

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