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The digital transformation of warehouses – driven by safety, cost and time benefits – is underway across the world.

Benefits of Drone Automation in Warehouses

The business benefits from drones are significant and immediate given low capital expenditure & infrastructure investments, access to off-the-shelf drone hardware, and SaaS-based solutions for warehouse operations. The cloud-connectivity of drones, combined with API-based integration, make it easy for warehouse stakeholders to adopt autonomous drone fleets into enterprise workflows.

Greater Safety

Improved worker and asset safety. Lower risk of injury when counting hard-to-reach inventory.

Higher Reliability

Stable drone navigation through narrow aisles. Improved accuracy of recognition and location.

Better Efficiency

More frequent cycle counts. Faster item search. Real-time inventory data. Shorter shut-downs.

Increased RoI

Minimal capital expenditure. Shorter time-to-value. Immediate impact on bottom line.

Who We Work With

Warehouse owner-operators, system integrators, cargo-handling facilities, 3rd-party logistics companies, supply chain consultants, drone service providers & warehouse management system vendors.

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Warehouse Use Cases

By improving inventory data integrity and operational safety, drone adoption by warehouses immediately improves KPIs such as cycle counting frequency, worker safety, on-time deliveries, inventory and fulfillment accuracy, slot utilisation, etc.

Inventory Reconciliation

Drone-based inventory inspection can directly reduce human errors and risks involved in counting items stored in hard-to-reach locations.

Cycle Counting

Revenue loss can be minimized by increasing the frequency of cycle counting, powered by repeatable, automated drone-based inventory counts.

Security & Surveillance

Drone missions for perimeter security can augment manual surveillance, resulting in affordable, reliable protection of human and capital assets.

Inventory Audit

Annual inventory audits, that can take weeks to complete and result in long shut-downs, can be done much faster via 24×7 automated drone missions.

Roof Inspection

Warehouse structures can develop cracks, leaks, rust, etc. due to environmental conditions – periodic drone-based inspections can spot such damage early on.

Item Search

Order fulfillment, and accounting for missing/stolen items, can both benefit from drone-based search and recognition of items using standardized markers.

Buffer Stock

By improving inventory accuracy using drones, warehouse stakeholders can free up valuable capital locked up in buffer stock, especially during peak seasons.

Empty & Full Slot Detection

Expensive warehouse real estate can be optimally used by drone-based detection of empty and full slots, thus improving operational metrics.

Worker Productivity

By highlighting items with worn out or missing barcodes, drone-based counting can shift expensive human time to higher value inventory management activities.

FlytBase Warehouse Solution Features

The FlytBase platform – with its IoT architecture – features intelligent plugins at the edge, APIs across the software stack, and autonomy at its core.

Collision Avoidance

Despite obstacles such as forklifts, floor storage and other equipment, drones can navigate narrow aisles and search for inventory in hard-to-reach locations.

Indoor Navigation

Intelligent automation, powered by computer vision, allows accurate indoor drone navigation in GPS-denied environments.

Autonomous Flights

Plan & execute automated, repeatable drone missions with FlytBase drone autonomy platform, removing dependence on expensive pilots.


FlytBase’s precision landing technology enables drones to autonomously and accurately land on charging pads, for multi-hour drone operations.

Coordinated Fleets

Drone-based inventory counting can be quickly scaled across facilities with a fleet of autonomous drones managed via a custom, unified dashboard.

Seamless Integration

Via seamless integration with existing WMS, drone mission control, live video feeds and inventory counts are made available to all stakeholders.

Barcode Detection

FlytBase uses AI/ML algorithms and computer vision techniques to locate & read item markers such as barcodes and airway bills.

Hardware Agnostic

FlytBase technology platform is compatible with all major drone platforms such as DJI, Yuneec, Ardupilot, and PX4.

How Does it Work?

Warehouses can quickly and easily adopt drone automation for inventory counting and other use-cases by starting with a proof-of-concept project that soon matures into a pilot program, and eventually full-scale deployments across all facilities. A typical PoC can be completed in less than 3 months, with a few commodity drones, FlytBase solution, and involvement of key stakeholders eg. R&D and innovation executives, warehouse GMs, VPs of Operations and Continuous Improvement.

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White Paper:

Drone Automation for Warehouse 4.0

The digital transformation of warehouses – driven by safety, cost and time benefits – is underway across the world. Technologies such as IoT, AI and drones are augmenting the business value created by adoption of RFID, robots and real-time analytics. UAVs have started playing a central role in the intelligent automation of warehouse operations – given their ability to fly & hover autonomously, carry payloads, avoid obstacles, navigate indoors & land precisely, operate in fleets and be remotely used.

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