Drone Software Solution for Warehouse Management

Automate your warehouse management system with a fleet of drones

Real-time Control & Data

With cloud connectivity over 4G/LTE gain real time control of drones and access warehouse and stock data whilst ongoing operations.

Indoor Navigation

Equip your drones to automatically navigate and carve a path in GPS denied indoor environments with the implementation of Ar Tags, Lidar or Stereo Cameras.

Autonomous Operations

Manage and operate your fleet of autonomous drones in real-time using a single web based dashboard.

Precision Landing and Hover

Precisely land or hover the drone at a certain height and distance for your Warehouse Operations, in GPS denied environments.

White Paper: Drone Automation for Warehouse 4.0

Drawbacks of Traditional Warehouse Management Methods

A typical warehouse today is as large as fifty thousand square feet on an average, and the larger ones are over a hundred thousand square feet in area. That is a lot of ground to be covered and a huge inventory to keep track of. Current Warehouse Management Systems engage labour intensive methods, that consume hundreds of man hours for repetitive tasks alone such as stock counting and inventory tracking.

For a given warehouse with twenty five thousand references, up to one hundred people need to be mobilized for two days. Moreover, although these processes are time taking and involve significant risks of injury to personnel, businesses still have to carry them out, as not doing so at repeated intervals, will lead to huge inventory difference errors and mismanagement of stocks.

Risk of Injury

The whole supply chain of a company is partially dependent on its warehouse management system and the employees that run it. However, it’s not an entirely safe environment. As many as twenty thousand workers are injured in forklift accidents alone each year.

Time Consuming and Costly

On an average it takes about a month to manually finish stock counting and inventory management, for a typical large to mid-sized warehouse. Over a course of year, depending on how you carry out these operations, the respective costs could end up amounting to over a million dollars.

Inefficient Operations

The biggest concern for inventory management operations is that it partially interrupts the main logistic activities of the warehouse, which is more commonly known as downtime. Stock checks are performed manually with a large workforce moving around, which usually ends up in freezing the daily business.

Human Errors

A misplaced item or an inaccurate count of stocks are prime examples of human error in inventory management. At the least these errors lead to wrongful deliveries or loss of a product and the worst, it could end up disrupting the whole supply chain.

Warehouse Management, Faster, Cheaper and more Accurate with Drones

It’s been fairly established that there is no work around for these operations; they have to be performed at regular intervals with a greater accuracy for the smooth functioning of daily operations. However there is an immediate need for transformation and a drastic change, as to how these tasks are carried out. Using drones, that are capable of autonomous functioning with no human intervention required.

A few drones equipped with a single camera each, can perform the task faster and with greater accuracy than humans ever could, without the risk of any human casualties. An averagely sized warehouse can be completely scanned for existing inventory by three or four drones in just two days, working multiple shifts. The data captured by the drones can be sent to the WMS, over the air instantly, cutting down on both time and costs incurred.

Zero Human Casualties

Instead of sending an employee 20 to 30 feet above the ground on a forklift, and risking a casualty for a trivial task such as scanning a barcode, it is far more safe to fly-up an autonomous drone and drastically reduces risks of human casualties.

Quicker & Cheaper Operations

Autonomous drones with indoor navigation capabilities can carry out entire inventory check operations on their own, saving hugely on invest time and costs. Implementing such a solution is can deliver significant ROI in a matter of months.

Efficient Operations

With autonomous drones flying up in the air, carrying out inventory check and simultaneously updating the database, the human workforce can carry on with the daily operations without any interruptions and downtime.

Error Mitigation

With inventory checks at regular intervals by autonomous drones, the errors in inventory difference are minimised by a great number. Since drones do not handle items and packages unlike human workers, the point of misplacement and damage does not even arise.

Automate your warehouse management operations by using a fleet of drones, saving hugely on time & cost.

Customized White-label Solution

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White Paper:

Drone Automation for Warehouse 4.0

The digital transformation of warehouses – driven by safety, cost and revenue benefits – is underway across the world. Technologies such as IoT, AI and drones are augmenting the business value created by adoption of RFID, robots and real-time analytics. UAVs have started playing a central role in the intelligent automation of warehouse operations – given their ability to fly & hover autonomously, carry payloads, avoid obstacles, navigate indoors & land precisely, operate in fleets and be remotely used.

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