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aerial robots together.

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Why FlytBase?

A career at FlytBase is more than just a job — it’s an opportunity to shape the future. Working at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity, team FlytBase is in pursuit of building a culture rooted in trust, leadership, efficiency, excellence, and humility.

Complacency is our enemy – we take ownership and set the bar high as we continually think, build, ship, and tweak.

What we believe

We spend most of our time at work – so shouldn’t we build a culture that promotes our happiness? Work should be something that makes us grow professionally & personally.

Therefore, we do not believe in traditional 9-5 jobs. Instead, we believe in getting paid to play, create, learn & grow – join a team of extraordinary warriors that shatter expectations, achieve unprecedented results, & drive massive innovation.


At FlytBase, we are mindful of our time and the time of our peers, hence being efficient.


Flyters believe in creating a workplace that has strong foundations of truth and no room for half-truths/lies.


Taking ownership and responsibility. Planning and executing our tasks independently.


We believe in striving for excellence through continuous learning and growth. We believe in bettering ourselves each and every day.


At FlytBase, we express our opinion and we also ensure it is done in the most respectful manner.

We have got your back

Flexible working hours

Work-life integration, no governing policies.

Medical insurance

Essential benefits to cover fundamental needs.

Unplug, unwind

Regular unwinding games, activities and team outings.

Leadership development

extensive in-house learning opportunities.

Fun stuff

When you work with amazing people, it’s not hard to have a good time.

Unlimited paid leaves

We work hard and we party harder.

Life at FlytBase

Drones are exciting, so is the life at FlytBase. You get to work on a mix of technologies, talk to people from Sydney to San Francisco, design new products, and work with amazing people from diverse backgrounds.

Outside of work, we host team outings, do more than you ever thought was possible. Have more impact on the world than you ever imagined.

Steps to become a Flyter


Send us an application so we know you’re interested.


Complete test/practical assignment to advance to the next stage.

Technical discussion

Time to know you more and learn about your technical abilities.

Culture fit discussion

We engage in the discussion to understand your alignment with our culture.