Drone Software Solution for Security & Surveillance

Manage and operate an automated fleet of drones for security & surveillance patrols, public safety or law enforcement.

Remote Fleet Management

Deploy and manage your automated fleet of drones from a remote location over the cloud.

Plan & Schedule Patrols

Plan and schedule aerial patrol missions and split areas into drones for effective surveillance of large regions.

Live HD Video Feed

Get instant updates and a ‘bird’s eye view’ video feed over the cloud/local network.

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomously detect anomalies and unwanted threats and raise alarms to assist first response team.

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FlytSecurity is an enterprise-grade, drone-agnostic, SaaS solution to quickly deploy and scale drone-based automated security operations. This significantly cuts down the cost of development and time to market, translating into an attractive ROI for the drone security service providers.

Drawbacks of Traditional Security Systems

The security and surveillance industry is one which has been forever in demand, as there is always someone or something that needs to be protected or preserved. Though in spite of the booming industry, up until now we have been limited to a traditional set of technologies to achieve the desired security and surveillance benchmark.

Inefficient Human Patrolling

Human patrols are not time efficient, as more often than not the areas under surveillance are quite large, thus 24×7 monitoring is practically impossible. Inefficiency further increases in the case of rough terrain or inaccessible regions, where for a human to set foot is a difficult task in itself.

Static Video Surveillance

Traditional security & surveillance methods are limited by the static nature of the camera, which is usually handled manually and is fixed upon a structure, so we are still limited by the area that we can cover with a CCTV camera.

First Responder Difficulties

First responder teams face the difficulty of tackling unknown dangers in an emergency situation. This unassessed unplanned situations often result in huge collateral damage, which can be minimized, if only the first responders know what danger they are dealing with.

Inadequate ROI

Considering these drawbacks, the amount of manpower required and the potential damage that can occur, traditional Security and surveillance methods have a considerably bad ROI.

Drone as a Security Aid

Unmanned aircraft systems provide the ideal solution to the problems and limitations faced by traditional surveillance methods. Drone surveillance is an efficient and effective way to collect data for security purposes. The idea here is not to replace the traditional methods, instead to have them work in conjunction with UAV surveillance systems and scale the overall operations.

Increased operational efficiency

Drones can enter confined spaces discreetly and keep a ‘bird’s eye’ view from distance. As compared to manual patrol, drones can quickly monitor significantly more area, both in the vertical and horizontal space, especially over rough terrain or humanely inaccessible regions.

Superior Video Surveillance

Drones can be equipped with far better vision than a human eye or a fixed CCTV camera can achieve, using thermal and night vision cameras. Combine this with an aerial view of the ground and live object/person tracking through AI, you have a surveillance almost nothing can beat.

Effective First Responders

UAV systems can be of great assistance to first responder teams, as they can assess the situational threats from a remote location and come in preparation accordingly. Deployable in under a minute, drones can act as a second set of eyes that can be positioned anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Increased ROI

In a security and surveillance situation, an aerial image provides to be extremely helpful. By offering persistent aerial surveillance, increase the transparency of your security operation with routine flight records and real time and quality video footage, translating into a better ROI.

FlytSecurity – Software for Drone Security Operations

While drone operations are the desired shift from traditional methods in the security industry, most of it involves single and manually operated drones. The available solutions lack critical features and software capabilities to successfully deploy and scale drone operations. FlytSecurity software solution aimed at achieving effective ROI provides benefits like 24×7 aerial security, scalability, automation, and fleet management capabilities to deploy a fleet of drones. This results in better coverage of area aided by live video stream, routine patrols, and AI detection capabilities.

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Drone Security Solution Dashboard

Integrate Drones with Your Existing Security Solution

FlytBase provides a complete solution to integrate an automated drone fleet with your existing security & surveillance solution, as per your requirements and workflow. Add your branding to the dashboard and put your drones at work, faster.

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Get an overhead aerial view of the property on your FlytGCS dashboard; eliminating blind spots, enabling wider coverage and speeding up patrols. FlytGCS is a cloud-based turnkey solution, enabling drone fleet deployment in a few clicks. Get remote live HD video feed from drones right at your security desk.

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