Solution for BVLOS Remote Drone Operations

FlytBase provides a ready-to-use solution that lets you remotely control & manage your drone fleet and view live video feed over the cloud (4G/5G/WiFi), with ease for BVLOS drone operations.


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Remote Fleet Control

Fly a fleet of drones and manage the complete operations from the remote ground station over the cloud.

Live HD Video Feed

Get live HD video feed (up to 4K) over the cloud with latency <1 sec over 4G/5G.

Fully Automated Operations

Set & execute automated waypoint missions. Integrate with precision landing and docking stations for full autonomy.

Easy Cloud Access

Access all features and video streams on a single dashboard with an easy to use interface.

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FlytNow is a cloud-based telepresence solution to simplify BVLOS remote drone operations. It is exclusively built for Drone Operation Managers, Subject Matter Experts, and Operators. FlytNow enables drone deployment in a few clicks, allowing you to manage everything, on a single web-based dashboard, for a seamless experience.

Connect & Fly a Hybrid Fleet of Drones

remote drone operations working

Ready-to-Use, Min Setup Time, Use Any Device

Use any drone, no desktop software installations.

Cloud-based application allows you to access the drone on any laptop/desktop, anytime, with no installation required. FlytNow supports all major drones such as DJI, Ardupilot & PX4, allowing you to comfortably switch drones on demand. Drones can be connected using the onboard SBC or Mobile App.

Integrate Precision Landing Technology

Precisely land the drone with a centimeter level accuracy.

FlytDock is the world’s smartest precision target landing solution. Powered by FlytBase, this intelligent solution utilizes computer vision techniques and dedicated landing algorithms to precisely align, approach and land the multirotor on the ArTag on the ground.

precision landing
drone in a box soltuion

Go Full Autonomous with Drone-in-a-Box Solution

Integrate with Docking Stations or Charging Pads.

FlytBase provides precision landing and cloud connectivity software solutions to fully automate your drone operations using Drone-in-a-Box hardware. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can see the live status of the fleet, analyze real-time video feed from the drone cameras, access device status, battery and charging data, and make use of advanced drone battery features.

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